Welcome to the Sterling Master Plan and Implementation Website

The City of Sterling Master Plan represents an opportunity for the City and its residents to continue to understand and shape future growth and change in their community.  Sterling is a hub for Northeast Colorado and Southwest Nebraska, and is positioned as the center for commerce, health care, transportation, education and finance.  Through the master planning process, the Sterling Planning Commission and the Planning Team engaged nearly 1,000 residents, business owners, and community members to address topics including:  future growth, community character, downtown revitalization, housing, and public infrastructure.


In some ways, developing the Plan was the easy part.  Following adoption by City Council on May 28, 2013, the community jumped right into implementation, working to translate the Plan’s goals, policies and strategies into the day-to-day operations and decisions of government and local organizations. This website serves as a hub for information about the Plan, the planning process, and the efforts of the Sterling community to ensure that their vision becomes a reality.