Implementation Moves Forward!

On Wednesday August 21st more than 30 community members met at the Sterling Public Library to take the first steps towards implementing the Sterling Master Plan.


The workshop was led by McCool Development Solutions, the Planning consultants for the Master Plan project, and Downtown Colorado Inc., who organized last summer’s downtown assessment for Sterling.  Efforts for  work in the near future were grouped into the following categories: organization, economic development, promotion, and design.

Participants included business owners, representatives from NJC and the School District, Planning Commissioners, City Council members, City staff, and people just interested in improving their community.

Below is a summary of the short-term goals that these dedicated community members will pursue in the coming months:


  • Hold regular meetings of each stakeholder group (City, School, College, EDC, URA, Chamber, and more) to identify a list of projects to see where we can partner and grant funds that would be appropriate. Work to identify a collaborative proposal writing person/system.
  • Collect and review the meeting reports/objectives from each of the other committees on a monthly basis to assess for potential collaboration and partnership. Continue to review all items in the Organization section of the Action Matrix and identify three major priorities.
  • Plan the quarterly meeting for each committee to report back on progress for November 8 5:30pm at the Plainsman.

Economic Development:

  • Create a building inventory for the City
  • Review existing incentive policies
  • Identify catalyst sites for new projects


  • Coordination with CDOT and the City on the upcoming S-Curve and West Main improvement projects
  • Improve connectivity to downtown
  • Improve accessibility/connectivity


  • Try to get a promotions/marketing tab on the City website
  • Pursue a regular newspaper column (weekly or monthly) that highlights a local business
  • Work to hire a part time grant-writer/marketing staff person for the City, potentially shared with the County.

The next implementation meeting is scheduled for Friday November 8th.  Stay tuned for more details.

If you have ideas you’d like to share, or want to get involved in any of the above projects, please let us know!