Plan Implementation

Implementation is the key step that connects a community’s vision with its day-to-day activities. This page outlines what the Sterling community is doing to make the plan a reality.

Plan Implementation Program

The Plan Implementation Program is the final chapter of the Sterling Master Plan.  While the Master Plan establishes an overall vision for the future development of Sterling, the Implementation Program provides detailed steps that the city and its partners need to undertake to achieve the Plan’s vision. The program contains:

A framework for implementation that includes a summary of the actions necessary to achieve the Plan’s goals.
• Suggestions for organizational structure that will help harness the community’s energy and enthusiasm for the Plan and focus it towards implementation.
 Methods to ensure accountability that include annual review and monitoring, as well as strategies to maintain the Plan’s implementation momentum.

Implementation Framework

The Sterling community will guide the implementation of the Sterling Master Plan, thanks to the dedication of key stakeholders and partners with expertise and experience in key areas addressed by the Plan.

The implementation work is being carried out by four committees, made of dedicated community members.  The committees are described below:

We are always looking for people to help us move projects or ideas forward.  If you are interested in participating, check out the links above for meeting times, and please take a few minutes to fill out our online Community Skills Survey.  This will give us a sense of your interests and availability, and help us determine how your knowledge and skills can best be utilized.